Wake Up and Dream is the brainchild and heart’s creation of Sharon and her husband Ryan Kensley.

When we began to create these journals, it seemed to correspond with the time we began to awaken. We felt guided to create something that embodied our path to rediscover our true essence.

Ryan’s background is in recycling and is passionate about environmentalism, which inspired us to create products out of recycled material and a platform to express our own inner journey through our art.

Journaling can be used as a tool to gain access to your soul and as we began on our own paths of self discovery this became the most obvious companion.

Our primary focus at the time became to create something that we absolutely loved, from the imagery, to the hunting for the old vintage books and journaling.

Each image we create reflects the space and lessons we are processing at the time. We soon realized that these lessons resonated not only with us, but with many others on a same path. Its not only our journey it’s everyone’s journey!

We source our books from charity shops, which is one of our favorite aspects of the business, our connection to the charity shops and their mutual benefit. 

A few truths we try to live by: Trust in the flow and the guidance of the universe. Speak your truth. Always ask the question, is this good for my soul? Do what you love no matter what the sacrifice. Find your innate talent and use it to be of service. Be grateful. Come from your heart.